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Solar for Home Solutions

Lock in your savings by choosing solar power for home, and reduce your carbon footprint as well. Solar energy is not only clean and renewable, but also sustainable and will benefit you financially in the long run as well.  Here are the reasons why.

RISING POWER TARIFFS: The average residential electricity price has risen by 30%-50% over the last 5 years in most Indian states and is likely to rise at a faster pace in the next few years. So, it makes sense to choose solar power for home and reduce dependence on electricity generated by fossil fuels.

STABLE & LOW SOLAR PRICES: Solar panel costs have dramatically decreased over some years and have stabilized. This means that your initial investment in solar power for home will be lesser than before.

GOVERNMENT SUPPORT & INCENTIVES: The government is supporting greater use of solar energy through policies and implementation of Net Metering in select cities.

Go green and save money, it makes perfect sense.

Off-Grid Solutions

Be independent with Genus Off-Grid Solutions! There is no need to depend on grid supply, as our standalone solar solutions can power your home or business without any support from grid supply. Or, save on electricity bills with our energy saver packs. Wondering how? Contact us to know more about the best solutions involving solar power for home or office.

On-Grid Solutions

You don’t have to worry anymore when the grid power is not available. Our hybrid Solar Grid-Tied Solutions can keep powering your home or feeding back to grid during power cuts. We offer the best PV on-grid rooftop solar power solutions for houses and commercial establishments. It offers the advantage of running load directly through solar and selling excess solar power back to utilities.

Go Solar In 4 Easy Steps

Get Started

If you want solar power for home or office use, just call one of our solar experts.


Leave the paperwork for permissions to us. You must have better things to do!

Design & Insall

We will design the best solar system that fits your home and electricity needs.

Solar On

Let the new system generate solar power for home or office use and turn your savings on!

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